Home Remodeling in Haunted House

This is a post to first say. If you believe great. If you don’t great. These are stories that I have personally experienced or that were relayed to me by others. Please share your experiences with us, and join us as we start the:

Haunted Restoration


Image of different house

My first experience was in a 1856 house

The was my aunt’s house in Randallstown MD. this story is short but sweet. My cousin and I were painting something or hanging something in the dining room. Just working and talking we were young just entering double digits. When we looked down the long hall at the same time. Why? Because we both heard a voice from the end of the hall say one-word ” HEY”. There could be no one there, we knew this instantly, for to get to that end of the hall one would have to pass by us. So we looked, what we saw was simple and plainly.

A woman standing there YES

A Ghost, Spirit, Aberration, Spector, Demon, Djinn,

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