Ageless Music


Hope the day finds you well.

I was recently talking to a long-term client, about his ongoing project. As we spoke a question arose. Simple, but one that had never been asked; and I have never really explained the reason, though there is a great reason. The question was: Why although you obviously enjoy all types of music, do you only play classical music while you work on houses. I paused for a moment and thought back. I was working with my great uncle, on a row-house in Fells Point, Baltimore. He told us not to play radios on site the building is a dual use building with a business first floor and living quarters on the second and third floors and it has been a bar/pub since the 1700s. It has played the latest music for centuries and we should listen to the soul of the building. I was young and didn’t put much stock in the concept, But over the years I have found that the right music has a soothing effect on the energy of a building. Over years of trial and era I have found that classical of any type composed before the building was constructed works best. It is simple all who had anything to do with each building from the planning to final landscaping listened to classic the Ageless Music.

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