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Remembering the Forgotten

We at Jordan’s Custom Woodwork have teamed with many different expert crafts and trades people in their fields to ensure top-quality workmanship throughout all phases of the project. 

Founder's Background Our Mission Plan

Mission Statement

As the founder of Jordan’s Custom Woodwork and JDB Restore L.L.C.

We plan to take on projects that aid the community by preserving the history and traditions of the trades. While restoring what is being lost to the ravages of time.  By aiding home and building owners by creating a dedicated network of trades, crafts, artisan’s business, civic leaders, and all who wish to help. Also, by teaching all who wish to learn these crafts and trades in the field and in the classroom. For our youths, those newly released from incarceration, and our returning veterans. I plan to open trade schools and teach all who wish to learn.

Finding a Path to the Future 

My path began when my grandmother had a stroke. She was bound to a wheelchair. She lived in an old Victorian built-in 1918 (I love that house). She was coming home from the hospital and needed access to the house. My uncle had just come home from Vietnam. I was 8 years old. It was the first time I had ever seen him. We built a beautiful wheelchair ramp to match the existing house. The first thing he taught me after how to hammer a nail, was the one reoccurring theme in my life and what I teach to my children. A carpenter never leaves a bent nail in place even if he must straighten it his self.  It was a LIFE changing experience. I will always remember those three weeks in that hot summer of 1977.  

(I lost him after his body gave out after years of substance abuse. All that knowledge skill and life).

When we were done, I told him “When I grow up, I will be a carpenter”. He simply and directly told me that “the world changes we must change with it but never forget the past, remember the forgotten, integrate the past, present, and future. True beauty. Mountains are old and majestic and a tree new and young, but they complement each other. As should your carpentry complement the building.”.

After years in the field of carpentry working in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, Illinois, and California. On new homes and some of the most damaged old homes most of those built in the 1500s -1900s. that began my love for restoration.

Now, after 35 years as a carpenter, I feel it is important to teach the trades to those youth who do not want to be the IT or Computer Programmer or simply, do not find joy working in an office, but really enjoy being hands-on. Jordan’s Custom Woodwork works to restore your home. J.D.B. Restore L.L.C. plans to work with schools, churches, at-risk kids, and Veterans groups. To teach and train new craftsmen to keep the trades alive and help build the future.

Remembering the Forgotten 

Gilbert Jordan (Founder)

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